We are a small family run business located in Michigan. Our ultimate goal in building this website is to offer the best service along with the best prices. We plan on giving back to the 3D Community everything we make from this website, minus the expenses to keep it going. We will be able to do this through giveaways, discounts, sales, and eventually we would like to setup a scholarship program for people who want to go to school for CAD or 3D Printing programs/classes.

We aren’t here to try to get rich. We want more printers in users’ hands all over the United States. 3D Printing is still relatively new and many people are unfamiliar with it. We want to change that! Eventually, we think most homes will have a 3D Printer, just like most homes have/had a regular printer.

What People Say

Love the customer service, very quick responses!

Rebecca P.

Supporting small businesses in the US is so important. Doesn’t hurt that 3dThings has great prices also!

Angela D.

Their mission to give back everything to the community is AMAZING! Highly recommend supporting them!!

John B.

Let’s build something together.

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